Startups VS Covid-19: Startup Luxembourg project (EN/日本語)

On 29 April 2020, Sakura Linkage International Sarl-S, together with IT consultant Damien Portolano (Humental), submitted a project to support distance education in Luxembourg in the Startups VS Covid-19 contest organized by Startup Luxembourg.

2020年4月29日、さくらリンケージインターナショナルSarl-Sは、ITコンサルタント Damien Portolano (Humental)氏と共に、Startup Luxembourgの主催するStartups VS Covid-19 コンテストにおいて、ルクセンブルクの遠隔教育を支援するプロジェクトを提出しました。

We would also like to mention here the speech (script) made by the Luxembourg Minister of Economy, Mr. Franz Fayot, regarding this contest. You can see his thoughts on Luxembourg’s startups.


“Covid-19 challenges our health, our society, and our economy in an extraordinary way.

And yet we are currently seeing people supporting each other in a simple and creative way.

As Minister of the Economy, I am convinced that there are many good ideas in our start-up scene that we could now call upon.

Ideas that will help our society to move forward

that will also help our economy to get through these difficult times and perhaps even function better after the crisis.

That is why I have decided to launch a contest: start-ups versus Covid-19.

This contest will enable young innovators to realize their projects and ideas in the fight against Covid-19.

Send us your projects and ideas.

We will select and finance the best ones.”







従ってこの度、スタートアップVS Covid-19というコンテストを実施することをここに決定しました。




In accordance with the national quarantine, we are operating completely remotely at the moment. However, we don’t and will not stop supporting your business and learning in the fight against COVID-19. If our team and experience can be of any help to you, please contact us at any time.



Reina Ueda 上田怜奈 / Founder and CEO

Sakura Linkage International Sarl-S

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