Blockchain Investments in Japan

Japan is one of the worldwide leaders in the Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology space with significant amounts of investment made already.

It remains to be seen how the adoption of cryptocurrencies will progress in Japan as there is still a looming aging population, and many people continue to rely on cash transactions for even relatively large payments.

However, there is a widespread use of cashless payments for transport and small purchases. In 2021, the Rakuten Group announced that customers could use some cryptocurrencies to charge their Rakuten Pay and Rakuten Point digital payment wallets.

Moreover, cryptocurrency trading in Japan continues to grow. In 2021, trading volume exceeded the previous year’s levels.

This article looks at how you can invest in blockchain technology in Japan.

Potential Applications for Blockchain Technology in Japan

Blockchain technology has many more potential use cases beyond being a crypto currency.

If you are thinking of introducing your business to the Japanese market, here are some of the different applications and uses for blockchain technology.

Money Transfers and International Payments

Money transfers using blockchain can be less expensive and faster than using existing money transfer services. This is especially true of cross-border transactions, which are often slow and expensive.

Financial Exchanges

Using blockchain for exchanges allows for faster and less expensive transactions. While blockchain-based exchanges primarily deal in cryptocurrency, the concept could be applied to more traditional investments as well.


Smart contracts built on the blockchain allow certain events to automatically trigger things like service payments, margin calls, full loan repayment, and release of collateral.


Using smart contracts will allow customers and insurers to manage claims in a transparent and secure manner.

Real Estate

Using blockchain technology to record real estate transactions can provide a more secure and accessible means of verifying and transferring ownership.

Personal Information

Blockchain technology can be used to secure access to identifying information while improving access for those who need it in industries such as voting, welfare programs, medical applications, social security, and education.

Artist Royalties

Using a blockchain to track playbacks on streaming services with a smart contract to distribute payments can provide greater transparency and the assurance that artists receive the appropriate renumeration.

Logistics and Supply Chain Tracking

Blockchain’s ledger makes it well suited to tasks such as real-time tracking of goods as they move and change hands throughout the supply chain.

Secure Internet Networks

Blockchain technology can provide greater security by storing passwords and other data on a decentralised network instead of a main server.

Data storage

Since data can be stored in a decentralised way, it will be more difficult to hack the data on the network.


Online casinos have been growing exponentially since the outbreak of Covid and blockchain gives the following benefits: Low commissions, faster transactions, and a full audit.

Capital Markets

Blockchain solutions offer capital markets faster clearing and settlement, consolidated audit trail, and operational improvements.

Regulatory Compliance and Audit

The secure nature of blockchain makes it ideal for accounting and auditing because it significantly decreases the possibility of human error and ensures the integrity of the records.

Money Laundering Protection

The integral encryption in blockchain makes it very helpful in combating money laundering.


Blockchain technology can help to eliminate fraud, reduce costs, and protect Intellectual Property rights.


Blockchain technology can be used to execute energy supply transactions and to provide the basis for metering, billing, and clearing processes.

Non-Profit Agencies

Blockchain could solve the anti-trust problems charities are increasingly facing through greater transparency.

Blockchain Investments in Japan

If you have a blockchain technology company and are looking to expand into Japan then contact the Japanese Blockchain Investment experts with a proven track record of success.