Getting a Visa to Set Up a Company in Japan

Many foreigners start a business when they are already based in Japan or hiring agencies to sell products or services here first instead of creating a company in Japan, but this article investigates the requirements on setting up a company by means of a Japan Investor Visa when you live outside Japan.

To set up a business in Japan it will be easier  to obtain either a Business Manager Visa or Start-up Visa.

Obtaining the Business Manager Visa

This visa puts you in a position to obtain a residence card, open a bank account in Japan, register your business and find premises. The permitted period of stay is either 3 months, 4 months, 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years. In general, the first period of stay is one year.

You do not have to be in Japan to apply for the Business Manager visa. If you establish a company in Japan first and have the required documents, you can apply from the country you live in.

Normally, to establish a company, a business partner in Japan (ex. friend, family, lawyer etc.) is necessary as it requires a bank account in Japan.  You can ask them to go through procedures while you are in your country.

The document requirements for the Business Manager visa vary depending on the type of company you are planning to run and your  situation. A list of the documents may include but not limited to:

The Start-up Visa

For start-ups looking to do business in Japan, overcoming the requirements of the ‘Business Manager ’ visa can be a serious challenge as it requires applicants to open a physical business premises in Japan, employ at least 2 people and invest 5 million JPY.

This visa is generally valid for half a year (some zones are valid for one year) and currently, it is available in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Aichi Prefectures, Sendai City, Fukuoka City, Imabari City, and Niigata City.

At the time of application, an office is not required to establish resident status, nor do you have to secure capital or hire staff at this point.

This visa allows you to do the same things as Business Manager Visa does, such as obtain a residence card, open a bank account in Japan, and register your business.

A Start-up visa is a temporary conditional residence permit for entrepreneurs who want to build a company in Japan but don’t have enough time and money to apply for a business manager visa.

While a Start-up visa is a viable option for many entrepreneurs, it cannot be a long-term solution as all Start-up visa holders must convert their visa to business manager visa after their start-up visa expires.

Help with Obtaining a Japan Investor Visa

If you are thinking of moving to Japan and setting up business the contact Sakura Linkage for introducing a professional for advice on how to obtain a Japan Investor Visa