Japanese Interpreting Services

Sakura Linkage provides the highest quality Japanese Interpreting Services over the phone, video remote and face to face. * Currently, this service is only available for clients of our consulting projects.

Interpreting services requires the language interpreter to preserve the tone of the message, as well as the meaning behind that message.

We understand that your interpretation service requirements are intricate and detailed, and we adapt to any customer, and any request.

What makes us stand out from the typical interpreting agency is our due diligence. Your project manager will analyse your need and connect you with the interpreter that best fits all the requirements for your interpreting service. This includes matching you with an interpreter fluent in your language pair, who specialises in your industry.

Types of Japanese Interpreting Services

Simultaneous Japanese Interpreting

The interpreter delivers a message into the target-language as the speaker delivers the message, with no pauses in between.

Consecutive Japanese Interpreting

The speaker delivers a message, pausing every few sentences to allow the interpreter to repeat the message into the target-language.

Japanese Written Text Translation

The interpreter provides an oral rendition of written text into a language different than the original text.

Whispered Japanese Interpreting

The interpreter sits next to the listener and conducts simultaneous interpreting in a lowered voice, to not distract or interrupt the speaker.

Liaison Japanese Interpreting

The interpreter acts as a mediator between two parties, interpreting every sentence spoken by both parties during the mediation.

With this technique, the speaker’s interventions are translated at regular intervals.

Japanese Interpreting Delivery

Telephone Phone Interpreting Services

Phone interpreting services are best conducted with consecutive interpreting, offer ease in communication between parties who do not speak or understand one another.

Remote telephone Interpretation is convenient and removes the limitation of geography.

In Person Interpreting Services

Human communication is complex by nature and there are certain instances in which there is no substitute for having an interpreter physically present.

With our in person interpretation services, we will connect you with an interpreter who specialises in your industry and is fluent in both languages that you need.

Ideal for one-on-one and small group meetings, our Japanese interpreter attends the appointment in person, and conveys the message after each utterance in short sentences. Sight Text translation can be included in this service. In person interpreting offers the highest service quality among all modes of delivery.

Sakura Linkage has the ability schedule and deliver an in-person Japanese interpreter to your meeting wherever and whenever one is needed.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video interpreting services are convenient, and removes geographical limitations. Through the visual connection between the parties, the interpreter can pick up on non-verbal cues. Video assignments can be pre-scheduled like in person services.

Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting, which is also referred to as simultaneous translation, where the speaker says is translated a few seconds later.

Interpretation Services verses Translation Services

Interpreting Service

Translation Service