Japanese Translation Services

Japan as the world’s third largest economy, which is heavily dependent on import and export, requires professional Japanese translation services more than any other country in the world to support its international trade and online transactions.

Japanese companies take pride in high-quality products and expect international businesses to deliver the same high quality product and services. Translation services that deliver excellent linguistic quality, speed, and scalability are required to support new businesses wanting to enter the Japanese market.

Quality Japanese Translation Services

Depending on the subject for your translation, we will assign the appropriate translator to your project with the relevant subject matter expertise.

We have fast turnaround times, so that you will have accurate and timely Japanese translations whenever you need them.

Our native translators will ensure you connect with your Japanese audience. Questions, feedback, and clarifications are welcome at any time.

Japanese Website Localisation

Japanese Technical Translation

Japanese Advertising and Marketing Translation

Many advertising, marketing, and PR firms have trusted Sakura Linkage to provide the best in Japanese translation and related business services. We will choose the most qualified linguists for your Japanese multicultural and multilingual project. We offer a wide array of solutions to meet our clients’ needs, including Japanese multicultural marketing and Japanese brand consulting.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Japanese Translations

Is Japanese Translation expensive?

How expensive your translation will depend on of factors such as size of your manuscript, the technical expertise needed, and the sensitivity of the document. However, as we work directly with the translators, our prices are on average 20-30% cheaper than the large translation agencies.

How do I get an exact price for my Japanese Translation project?

The best way to get an accurate price for your Japanese translation project is to fill in the quotation form on our website. Once you complete the form then we will give you a free consultation with no obligations.

Why do Japanese translation reviews often produce more changes compared to other languages?

Within the localization industry, Japanese is known as one of the most difficult to translate.

Unlike most Latin alphabet-based languages that share similar sentence constructs and expressions, Japanese, as well as Chinese and Korean, are character-based languages that use very different grammar and sentence structures. This means the same English sentences can be translated into Japanese in several different ways.

In addition, there are many English words that do not exist in Japanese, making it even more difficult for straight forward translations.

Finally, translations can sometimes be subjective with the choice of words and expressions.

As a result, there is a big difference in Japanese between what is translated by professionals in the field and what is translated by machine translation and amateur freelancers. In order to ensure that the translation is business-ready, mistakes and unnatural points must be substantially revised during the review process.

All these factors contribute to make Japanese translation reviews more challenging compared to European languages.

Japanese translation Services

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