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Powering Your Growth.

Sakura Linkage International was envisioned as a Japan consulting service with an unflinching desire to deliver end-to-end linguistic solutions, communication efficiencies and continuous growth opportunities for European businesses endeavoring to penetrate the Japanese market.

Based in Luxembourg and armed with an in-depth understanding of Japanese business culture, we’re a team of over 30 professional translators and consulting experts with a combined experience of over 200 years. We pride ourselves on a lifelong passion to exceed expectations.

Whether you’re a multinational conglomerate looking to forge a lasting connection with your Japanese customer-base or a startup looking to make its mark in the Japanese market – we will help you achieve your goal quickly and within budget.



Our translators have excellent language ability, rich knowledge in their individual fields of expertise, and years of applicable work experience.


We have considerable experience providing flexible consulting services that take into account our clients’ unique business needs and circumstances.


We provide seminars and training on different aspects of Japan so you can better penetrate the Japanese market by learning its language, culture, and people.


Providing business intelligence through conducting market research and surveys.


Facilitating business meetings and meaningful interactions with key decision-makers, business influencers to give your business a head start in the market.


Supporting the establishment of a company that meets your needs with local legal professionals.


Comprehensive advice on successfully and profitably navigating Japanese business.

Translation Services

Entering a foreign market is a complex proposition – it’s a lot more than just ensuring product availability. Even the smallest of missteps can alienate the masses.

Our translation services are optimized to help you not only avoid these missteps but also to forge a lasting connection that will take your business from strength to strength within the Japanese market. From translating your legal and business documents to optimizing your web content for a Japanese audience – you will have access to a comprehensive suite of translation and language solutions.

You will be entrusting your business to a team of over 30 professional translators with advanced degrees in linguistics, law, finance and business management. Moreover, our translators bring to the table years of corporate experience in these verticals, thus making them a perfect match for your business communication requirements.

Translation areas we cover


Accurate and reliable translation of your legal documents will contribute to the stable growth of your company.

Sakura Linkage International can translate all types of legal documents including contracts, privacy policies, and articles of incorporation.


Expert translation of documents produced by translators with professional accounting/finance experience will maintain the reputation and credibility of your company.

We are able to translate a variety of financial documents including financial statements and annual reports.


Localization done by people with a background in IT or web marketing will ensure the usability of your software and keep your products competitive.

We have been engaged in various software localization projects. We are also happy to use CAT tools including Trados upon your request.


Marketing documents often require not only a simple/direct translation, but additional brushing up to make them more appealing to Japanese customers.
We have translators with extensive experience in copywriting and marketing. We can translate a variety of marketing materials including brochures and websites.

Our translation services are not limited to the above categories. Please feel free to inquire about any other document types that you would like to have translated.
Languages we cover: JP↔EN/FR/CN/HI

Consulting Services

We pride ourselves on creating an enabling environment that generates opportunities to foster robust business growth. Sakura Linkage International provides an extensive range of business consulting services, each of which is optimized to strengthen your foothold in the Japanese market. Our services include, but are not limited to:
Examples of the types of consulting projects we have experience with:

Consulting and giving an overview on doing business in Japan

Contacting Japanese government authorities on behalf of your company

Consulting on company incorporation steps and procedures

Arranging for professionals (certified public accountants, etc.) for establishing a company

Brief research about the Japanese market relevant to your products and/or services

Brief research about Japan’s laws, policies, and procedures regarding a specific issue

Contacting potential clients/partners on your behalf

Meeting facilitation and arrangement

Interpretation (both by telephone and on site)

Other consulting services are available upon request.
*Please inquire regarding fees (hourly basis/package).

Seminars / Training

Conducting periodic seminars and employee training sessions is an invaluable asset when it comes to establishing your business in a foreign market. From helping your employees develop a thorough understanding of the business and corporate culture to helping you forge vital connections with the key stakeholders, such initiatives play a key role in driving your business forward.

Sakura Linkage International has been helping businesses of all sizes organize seminars and employee trainings in various verticals ranging from language proficiency to cultural awareness. Our training and seminar roster includes:

The Japanese language

The corporate and business culture of Japan

The English language

Cross-cultural communications


Reina Ueda


Born and raised in Japan, Reina Ueda is the driving force behind Sakura Linkage International. Ms. Ueda established the firm with the singular overcoming communication challenges and enhancing growth opportunities for businesses wishing to establish themselves in the Japanese market.
Ms. Ueda has in-depth business knowledge and extensive global communications experience spanning over 14 years. She has worked as an interpreter and translator with a Japanese government agency. She is also a registered CPA in Washington, US, and has worked in the Tax Division of the globally renowned accounting firm KMPG.

Arnaud Wenger

COO and General Counsel

Mr. Wenger is the head of operations and also oversees legal matters.
He has worked at a law firm in France and, as a legal advisor, at several investment banks in Luxembourg. As he is also experienced as a software engineer, he is trusted by clients for his extensive knowledge of IT.

Takeo Suzuki

CIO and Project Manager

Dr. Suzuki teaches at several prestigious universities in Tokyo. With his 30 years of international business experience, at Sakura Linkage International, he leads translation projects and advise corporate clients entering the Japanese or foreign markets.


1. Translation Services

€0.12 – €0.20
English word or Japanese character
✓Simple business documents to legal documents

We will provide you with a cost estimate as prices will vary depending upon the type and nature of the text,
the amount of work involved, as well as the due date.

*Please inquire regarding special purpose translations.

2. Consulting Services

Please inquire for the rates of our consulting services.

* Expenses (eg. travel, accommodation, postage, etc.) will be charged additionally.

* Our company name can be displayed on your websites or/and pamphlets as Japanese contact/advisor.


Please inquire for the rates of our consulting services.

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